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Corporate development

1941/ 08 Launched Chugai Dengyosha
1943/ 12 Chugai Dengyosha became a limited share company
Became Chugai Electric Contact Co., Ltd
1947/ 03 Moved HQ to Tokyo Adachi-ku
1955/ 11 Developed and started selling electrical contact material Ag-CdO
1960/ 04
    / 11
Completed Tokyo factory in Tokyo Meguro-ku
Completed development of sintered powder alloy contacts and started mass production
1962/ 04
    / 11
Completed Kanagawa factory in Fujisawa-shi Kanagawa
Became Chugai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
1963/ 05 Moved HQ to Tokyo Meguro-ku
Completed development of electrical contact Bimetact and started mass production
Completed Toyama factory in Fukumitsu-chou Toyama
1965/ 03 Technical mutual aid contract with West German company Doduco
1969/ 04 Capital paid-up increased to 100 million JPY
1973/ 03
    / 07
Completed development of contact material Neosilcon(Ag-SnO-InO) and started mass production
Launched Tatung Chugai Precious Metals Co.,Ltd.(merger with Taiwan tatung group)
1976/ 06 Obtained patent for Neosilcon
1978/ 03 Moved HQ to Nihonbashi-Kayabacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Closed Tokyo factory and moved R&D and Business management department to Kanagawa factory
1984/ 02 Obtained patent for Neosilcon in Japan
1985/ 01 Technical mutual aid contract for Bimetact with West German company Degussa
1988/ 06 Launched CHUGAI (MALAYSIA) Malaysia
1996/ 04 Obtained ISO9001 certification
1997/ 01 CHUGAI (MALAYSIA) obtained ISO9001 certification
2004/06 CHUGAI (MALAYSIA) 4th factory was completed
CHUGAI (MALAYSIA) obtained ISO/TS16949 certification
2006/03 Capital paid-up increased to 160 million JPY
2006/04 CHUGAI (MALAYSIA) obtained ISO14001 certification
2006/09 Obtained ISO14001 certification
2007/05 Gunma factory was completed in Isesaki-shi Gunma
2011/07 Plating department was set up in CHUGAI (MALAYSIA)
2011/09 Renewed plating department in Kanagawa factory
2012/08 Renovated Toyama factory, expanding Header department
2013/05 Renovated Tatung Chugai Precious Metals Co.,Ltd.
factory, expanding Header department
2013/09 Electron probe micro analyzer updated
2013/10 Scanning electron microscope EDX was launched in CHUGAI (MALAYSIA)