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Application guidelines

Job type
  • ・Machine operator
  • ・Sales/Business management
  • ・Manufacturing management administrator
  • ・General administrator / Purchaser
Qualification requirements Graduated from high school
(If you are a high school student you will need to apply through your school. Please call for further details).
Work location

Machine operator - Kanagawa factory, Toyama factory and Gunma factory

Sales / Business management - Kanagawa factory

Manufacturing management administrator - Kanagawa factory

General administration / Purchase - Kanagawa factory


Starting salary  ¥160,000(high school graduates)~
※Negotiable depending on experience

Duty allowance, family allowance and housing allowance will be added to the payment
  • Weekends off (Sat and Sun also depends on company calendar)
  • National holidays (depends on company calendar)
  • New Year’s holiday
  • Summer holiday
  • GW
  • Special leave for weddings and funerals Paid holiday (after 3 years 14 days/year)
Working hours
  • 08:30~17:25
  • 07:00~15:55(early shift)
  • 13:00~21:55(late shift)
Benefits Transportation fee, meal allowance, social insurance, pay rise/year and bonus twice a year

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