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Message from our president

Chugai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd launched in August 1941. Since then we have driven technological innovation as a manufacturer of electrical contacts and remained determined to meet the demands of our customers which have changed significantly over the past 70 years.

The world population has reached 7 billion and with it, the ability to maintain a global outlook has become a necessity in the 21st century. Alongside this, it is vital to us that we work in an environmentally sustainable manner and reduce the burden on natural resources for the production of contacts. With this in mind we are continuously researching and developing new technology to achieve these aims.

We have also expanded overseas, opening subsidiaries under FTA to provide contacts to global companies operating in Asia and Europe. We currently have one subsidiary in Malaysia and another in Taiwan.

In Japan, we are beginning to see a gradual decrease in the labor market due to an aging population, something particularly evident in rural areas. We believe however that it is imperative for businesses to continue to hire the highest quality employees and we have recruited extensively for our Toyama factory as part of our aim of optimizing local human resources. This is an initiative which we are proud to say has been recognized by the local government.

As we look towards our 100th anniversary, we will continue to work hard alongside our customers with a “Glocal” mindset – the combination of a “global” outlook and “local” action that is central to our business. Thank you.

Yasufumi Tanaka