Application of Contact

Three Business Pillars of Chugai Electric Industry Co,. Ltd.

As a pioneer of electrical contacts manufacturer, Chugai Electric Industry Co., Ltd. develops electrical contact materials for various fields and industries such as “home appliance”, “heavy electrical equipment” and “automotive”, then processes them into various contact shapes according to customer’s application.

Sales by Business


Electrical contacts are often used in home appliances in our daily lives. It is mainly installed in the switch that turns on and off the home appliances.


Electrical contacts are also required in the electromagnetic switches, circuit breakers, etc. which controls high power. Residential circuit breakers that operate in the event of a power outage are also equipped with electrical contacts.


Electrical contacts are also used in cars and motorcycles. For example relays and switches that control power windows, turn signals, wipers, etc.


Electrical contacts are also equipped on large transport such as trains and airplanes.