Message from our president

Chugai Electric Industry Co., Ltd.,
celebrated its 80th anniversary as a professional electrical contact manufacturer.
Over the years, our living environment and the way we use electricity has changed tremendously. There is a growing need in many fields that requires the IT to monitor the use of electricity and create a low-loss environment.

For electrical contacts, the environmental concerned needs such as silver saving and long-lasting products are increasing day by day. Based on our 80 years of material research, we will continue to innovate and develop products that will satisfy our customers.

The world is now facing an unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, and it is expected that people’s lives will change significantly in the future. Even in such a rapidly changing environment, we will continue to listen to the needs of our customers and further strengthen our a company so that we can respond flexibly to it.

We will continue to do our best every day to create electrical contacts that meet the needs of our customers. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Representative Director and President
Yuichiro Tanaka