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Message from our president

Chugai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will celebrate 80 years of business this year as a dedicated manufacturer of electrical contacts. Over these many years, the lifestyle environment around us has dramatically changed and with it, we have greatly evolved the way electricity is used. Many more fields value limited resources and need low-loss electrical environments even for electrical use, whether to capitalize on information technology or to execute monitoring.

The field of electrical contacts is also seeing a dramatic increase in needs for eco-friendly ways to reduce silver content and lengthen the life of equipment . This type of business environment is why we will never stop innovating through material research cultivated over our 80-year history. Chugai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will engage in comprehensive daily development to deliver products that are able to satisfy our customers.

This year the world faced an unprecedented pandemic due to the novel coronavirus infection, which I expect will drastically change our way of life in the future. As society rapidly transforms, we will always listen closely to the needs of our business partners to further strengthen our organization in a way that can flexibly adapt to their requirements.

We will continue to do everything in our power each day to create electrical contacts that fulfill the needs of our business partners. I ask for your continued guidance and support.

Yuichiro Tanaka