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Rivet contacts

A variety of materials and configurations are available.

This is our main product line in which rivets can be made to meet your requirements, from single material to composite material rivets using our own heading machine.
Utilizing our own technology, we are successfully reducing the silver content from our materials which greatly lowers costs.
Our customers also have the option to choose from materials made by melting or powder metallurgy.
Rivet contacts are mainly for use in relay switches however they are also available for other types of switches such as small size electromagnetic switches and circuit breakers.

Configurations / types

Manufacturing process Configurations Abbreviation Images Available materials
Cold bonding Solid contacts Solid image Melting / Internal oxidation (pre-oxidation) / Powder metallurgy
Double layered contacts BT image
Special double layered contacts PMBT image
PBBT image
BIT image
Special triple layered contacts PWBT image
BIT image
Brazed and welded Double layered contacts BT image Melting / Internal oxidation (post oxidation) / Powder metallurgy


We also process gold / silver plating in-house.
In order to help in identifying contacts which appear the same but are composed of different materials, we can also provide punching or a notch to the top or bottom. Punching can also be performed on the bottom of contacts to improve staking.